Rumours of Light

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‘These bitter-beautiful mysteries;
these dreams of dawnsong
swimming through the trees;
these strange rumours of light.’

Rumours of Light is the second collection of poetry from Gideon Heugh. Filled with wonder, longing, grief, hope, despair, beauty and love – it speaks powerfully to the times we’re living in.

It is a love letter to the world; a lament for what we have lost, and are losing; and a reminder of what it means to be alive.

Available in paperback and as an eBook.

Devastating Beauty

The debut collection of poems from Gideon Heugh. Devastating Beauty explores the vein of holiness that runs through the natural world, and mourns our increasing disconnection from it. Full of earth, fire, love, anger, longing and hope, it invites us to wake up to the startling, life-affirming beauty that’s around us and within us.

Available in paperback.