roadI take a journey outdoors
looking for a wild song
but when I get there I find
that all the wild’s gone

the hares are all missing
and the badgers have been shot
the fox has been ripped apart
by the bitch of some toff

the trees are being shredded
the hedgehogs splattered
the bees made extinct
as if they never really mattered

the hills aren’t alive
there is no more music
whatever life we find
we exploit and abuse it

there are no more fish in the sea
but it’s stuffed full of plastic
we pretend that the end of the world
isn’t really that drastic

the fields are empty
but it’s heaving in the bars
we don’t know how to live here
but we’re trying to get to Mars

our waste is piled up
on every concrete smothered street
you can’t hear the birds singing
but you can read a hundred tweets

on that life-numbing screen
that’s made you its slave
by the time you look up
there’ll be no more world to save


– Gideon Heugh