Some poems mean more than others. This is one of those. I wrote this in January, not long after we found out that we’d be having a baby. The doctors had told us that, if it happened at all, it might take years. God had other plans.

Lines for my unborn child

The world will try to tell you
that you aren’t enough –
that you need
those clothes, that job, that car,
that house, that man, that woman
that whatever.

The world will try to tell you
more, you need more.

But something else –
subtle, gentle, yet infinitely powerful
will whisper
you are enough,
precisely and completely
and wonderfully enough.

Your identity was woven in the womb,
perfect before your first breath;
you have the shimmer of the miraculous
about you, the fire of something holy
within you; the wonder of life,
always the wonder and beauty of life.

You don’t need to do or have
in order to be, because you are.

– Gideon Heugh