One year!


It’s been a whole year since I let my little book out into the world. Where does the time go? I’m still overwhelmed/humbled by the love it received. You guys are awesome.

The book was born out of love, grief and hope. Love for this gorgeous world we live in; grief for the way we treat it; and hope because… well, there’s always hope.

Poetry is a kind of therapy for me. Words are a map through my emotions. The last few years have been both some of the most wonderful and difficult of my life. Joy and heartbreak; new life and deep loss. That’s often how it goes, isn’t it? I’ve tried to pour as much of this onto the page as I can – a lot of which I’ve shared with you online as well.

I’m just getting started with this whole poetry journey, and I’m glad I get to bring you all along for the ride.

Gideon Xxx