It’s easy to look at the news these days and feel hopeless. Politicians are dragging democracy through the dirt, xenophobia and racism keep rearing their ugly heads, and all the while the poor and the marginalised are ignored.

But there is hope. History is littered with the bones of empires. Power is powerless against love, which is the only thing that lasts forever. If you tread all over other people for your own gain, you are setting yourself against the truest and deepest forces in the universe.

God is a direction. We are moving forward. We always have been and we always will be. And the power-grabbers and money-snatchers will always get left behind.


The fall of every empire
is pre-ordained,
the fires of oppression
cannot be sustained.

The cry for deliverance
will always be heard –
liberation never fails:
hope has the final word.

So do not despair
at the empires around you,
even though power and greed
and corruption surround you;

lift up your heart,
lift it to the light,
for the Spirit of the Ages
bends to our plight.

Gideon Heugh x