On listening to God

It requires no leap of the imagination,
no contortion of the mind.
Forget, if you can, about belief.

Be closer to the soil
than to sanctimony.

Put away the walls and the ceilings –
you will not need them.
Be near to what is alive
but cannot diminish itself with talk.
The sky will help;
it is large enough to extinguish your questions.
The oak and the ash know what to do;
follow their lead.

Heaven’s frequency is not unfamiliar;
it is one you have always known, but perhaps lost
beneath layers of dogma
and ambition
and busyness.

Search the world
for what you possess within
and you are bound to become frantic.

No, it is not a leap of the imagination,
but an opening; an awareness;
a realisation; an acceptance.

Gideon Heugh