Meditations on the January blues

Meditations on the January blues

The earth and the sky declare it.
Wonder does not have to be a pursuit.
Meaning is not a treasure
to be snatched at.

The trees do not stand there for so long
for nothing. When the song thrush sings
it seems to do so with its whole body,
and more besides.

I peeked through the curtain last night
and Jupiter and the stars were just… there.

Science tells us that acts of kindness
are a better treatment for depression than therapy.
You think we would have figured it out by now.
So many centuries since Galileo,
but still we misplace the revolution.

To be awed is a choice.
Are we willing to look around?

An Instagram post speaks
of unleashing the divine within. Fine, but
you could be empowered like nothing else
and still be lonely as hell.

Love is a web. A thread on its own
will do nothing.

Love is the leap of faith
that shows the chasm was never really there.
If only we believed in entanglement.
Instead we are sold self care.

How different are you really from the tree,
or the song thrush? Assume nothing.

Put up a wall and you are less alive.
The first shall be last perhaps
because they’ve left everyone else behind.

Gideon Heugh